Meet Liliana Louro, Corporate Editorial Manager


We continue with our series of portraits. The aim is to present the teams who day after day ensure that the Cegos solutions available on the market remain innovative and reflect the high quality level our partners and customers can expect.

In previous posts, you had the opportunity to meet Zairo SamssudinMario StofenmacherChristelle Delavaud, Nuno Moreira and Elise Racinais. Today, we invite you to meet Liliana Louro who is Corporate Editorial Manager.

Liliana, how did you arrive at Cegos and what is your role as an Editorial Manager?

I have led different teams in global organizations and multicultural environments in areas such as logistics, business development, certification, and inspection. As a lifelong learner, I have invested in different postgraduate training. Recently, I started to conduct an investigation on sustainability under a political science Ph.D. However, I had to put that on hold because of my new passion for L&D. 😊

Cegos is a performance learning partner. Therefore, as an Editorial Manager, my main goal is to develop content and learning journeys that enable our leaners and our clients to achieve their development goals, whether it is to stay relevant, be more competitive, be a better leader, be more resilient, be more diverse and inclusive, more sustainable, and so on.

Additionally, Cegos is a global partner, thus, my role is to also ensure that our L&D solutions are designed to work globally and can be localized at the exact degree that makes them engaging and effective in different geographical regions. It can be challenging, but it is non-negotiable. 😊

How did you define the 2023 content roadmap?

The truth is, I don´t define the roadmap alone. We defined it together 😊. This is not only a semantic issue. The roadmap in Cegos is truly the result of a co-creation process. All stakeholders contribute to it, both internal and external. From Cegos’ different teams, including you in Channel Alliances; to the different Cegos entities and experts worldwide; to marketplaces, clients, and learners. All these voices give us visibility on where to improve, help us think about the future, and decide where to focus our energy.

The roadmap is a continuous, dynamic process. It is true that every year we have a timing to close it, when we put together all the feedback and marketing intelligence. However, most of these inputs are being collected throughout the year in different forms and from different forums, including our evaluation survey for each module. We also collect it through the Expert Club meetings for the different topics of Cegos offer, between many other initiatives.

Nonetheless, we can never say that the roadmap is 100% closed. We review it periodically to be agile in responding to the latest market trends and expectations.

We just released 3 modules on conflict management, why is it such a hot topic, especially this year?

The three modules have three different approaches. However, they convey the same message: Conflict is inherent to nature, and as such, it is inevitable but not necessarily a bad thing. If acknowledged in due time and with the right set of skills, conflict contributes to personal and organizational growth and better-sustained decisions.

In the Discover module, "How to Handle Conflict: From Conflict to Personal Growth", we follow our hero on his journey to understand different conflict management styles, assess the conflict situation, and apply the right strategy.

In the Focus module, "Managing Conflict in Your Team: Strategies for Organizational Growth", we turn to managers and leaders. Focus was revamped this year and now has a much fresher look and feel. It is our most interactive format. It is like a laboratory of life where learners are invited to decide the course of the story and see the results of their choices while identifying certain practices.

The third module, A step-by-step approach to managing conflict, unlike the other two, does not have video. It offers exactly what the title says: A method to manage conflict. This module is for anyone who feels that they should practice this skill. Intensive format is all about practice that, as we know, is fundamental to improve behavioural skills. The learners are presented with a method and then invited to apply it to different day-to-day situations to raise awareness and facilitate identification.

A little teasing: can you tell us about 2024 content roadmap?

There are a lot of new things! We are excited 😊 and it could not be the other way! Cegos offers learning and development solutions to up-skill, re-skill, engage, and empower learners and clients. According to a recent report from World Economic Forum, 61% of the current workforce will have to re-skill or upskill before 2027. A lot of things are changing, and there’s a lot to be done.

In terms of formats, we might have a new addition, but let’s not forget that we already have 4 formats and will be releasing a new micro-video format this year.

In terms of topics, we will not avoid the elephant in the room and will address AI and digital transformation and its impact on the different skills and other topics, including neuroscience. I believe the question is: How is it to be a human in the 21st century, and how to communicate, connect, and include each other, even when the other is not human?

Thank you, Liliana, for telling us about your role and responsibilities and what's coming in 2024 in terms of format and topics.

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