Partner with Cegos and take your customers Beyond Knowledge

Combine your expertise with Cegos, and provide your customers with competitive and innovative digital learning solutions. Whether you are an LMS editor, a portal or a marketplace, or an e-learning local or multinational organization, we will build up a sustainable collaboration and fine-tune a partnership that directly drives results.

We pool our expertise with partners to provide consistently more competitive and innovative e-learning solutions. To distribute our e-learning Catalog on soft skills, we can rely on a global network of partners. This network puts us in a position to work with blue-chip companies or small-medium size businesses on their domestic markets and with multinationals around the world. This global presence also means that we have the people to support our partners or to adapt our content to cultural differences in each region or to customer’s specific requirements.

Patricia Santos

Group Chief Corporate Offer & Solutions

By joining our global network of partners, you will benefit from:

  • A multi-awarded e-learning Catalog on Soft Skills
  • A content solution distributed by top-players
  • A unique multilingual and multicultural content
  • The most engaging interactive courses
  • Sustainable support from Cegos team