Meet Mario Stofenmacher, development director at Cegos Spain and expert in DEIB


We have started a series of posts on some of the experts who work to ensure that the solutions Cegos launches on the market keep being innovative and reflect the high quality level you can expect.

In this post, you will have the opportunity to meet Mario Stofenmacher. Mario is working at Cegos Spain as Development Director and is also a subject-matter expert in DEIB.

Mario Stofenmacher Development Director at Cegos Spain, and Subject matter expert in DEIB

Can you tell us more about your background and expertise?

Buenos Aires in Argentina is where I was born and raised. I love studying and learning and graduated from CAECE University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Operations Research, and a Bachelor of Information Systems. Later on, I also completed an MBA at the Vermont Business School. My interests are on very diverse topics. That's why I finished a long list of seminars in areas such as: Social Psychology, Pedagogical Methodology, Group Dynamics, Certified Coach, etc.

Furthermore, I have "another life" that is related to people. I just finished my studies as a Rabbi at The Rabbinical Academy (Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk-NY -USA). As Rabbi, I developed a wide range of activities leading different Jewish communities in Argentina, France and Spain.

Cegos gave me the opportunity to work in many areas during the last 25 years spend in this company. 10 years as Director of Open Courses, another 10 years working as Director of the Global Learning/E-learning Division in Spain and since 2018 as Development Director for FranklinCovey still with Cegos Spain.

This company allowed me, as a Consultant, to a strong expertise in several topics: Trainer of leaders and middle managers in areas of Leadership - Strategy - Trust - Bias, Diversity, Leadership Customer Loyalty - Management, Transversal Management, teamwork, communication, assertiveness and influence among others.

When did you start working at Cegos?

I started my career at Cegos in March 1997 – 25 years ago!

Recently, you developed 2 new e-learning courses on 2 very hot topics. Can you tell us a little about this?

The e-learning courses, that are now integrated in the Cegos catalogue, are on:

  • Intercultural awareness. This is about understanding unconscious bias and how to deal with it.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. Promoting diversity, inclusion and belonging inside my team.

What are the main challenges companies are facing when implementing a DEI culture?

Implementation is key. Many companies, whether driven by local laws or social pressure, have developed DEI protocols. But very few have aligned those plans with their corporate Mission, Vision, and Values, and many have yet to adapt their HR systems to make those plans a reality. There is much to do. It is essential to work on raising awareness about the bias that we all have as people and that can tend to limit the development potential of people, teams and companies.

What are the main skills companies have to invest in, in order to face the great resignation?

The commitment of the collaborators cannot be bought. It is essential to deploy a strategy that attracts and encourages employees to voluntarily deliver their best version. The pandemic has fuelled a feeling of abandonment from companies towards collaborators. Sadly this cannot be solved with more money but by creating an environment of recognition and human growth. It is therefore critical to create conditions of trust, where each person feels that their work is valued and significant, that they contribute to a successful project. It is time for diversity, agility, communication, hybridization, trust, equity, commitment.

Thank you, Mario, for telling us about your background and your job and for sharing the values that are so dear to you.

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