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Cegos Teaser "Sharpen your skills wherever you are"

Sharpen your skills in an interactive way, take advantage of Cegos' experiences... Build your leadership, evaluate your decisions, in real life situations! Cegos supports you to grow your skills in Management & Leadership, Personal Development, Project Management, Sales and Diversity & inclusion.

MyStory video series: Your first steps as a New Manager

MyStory by Cegos is a series of videos that recreate the experience of a novice manager, Alice, as she navigates the trials and tribulations of meeting her new team and encourages them to adapt to her way of doing things. Each self-contained video highlights a specific challenge any new manager might face. The videos can be followed as a series, but each works as a standalone training resource, too.

Discover: A format to learn by doing

Learning is discovery. Designed to transform learning experiences into enjoyable and effective journeys, led by a learning buddy,  a 'Friendly Hero', someone learners can immediately connect with. Find out more in this short video.

Beyond Knowledge with Cegos

Created in 1926, Cegos is one of the world leaders in professional development. Its consultants' skills cover all areas in the professional sphere and in the development of skills.

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