Meet Zairo Samssudin, responsible for the localization process and e-learning developments


In this post, you will have the opportunity to discover more about a key expert at Cegos: Zairo Samssudin. He is looking after the localization process and e-learning developments.

Zairo kindly agreed to answer our questions on his job and his interests.

You are currently Senior e-learning Developer & Project Manager at Cegos, what is your role exactly ?

Zairo: Within the Cegos Digital Studio, I’m coordinating the team responsible for Off-the-shelf development, localization, maintenance & support.

Where are you based?

Zairo: I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal.

As you are in charge of the localization process, you work with many people across the world. When talking with them, where would you be tempted to live?

Zairo: There are multiple places I would like to visit in Europe, Asia and USA. However, there is no place like home! 😊

When did you start working at Cegos?

Zairo: I'm not quite sure! I believe it was February 2009. Almost 13 years.

What do you like most about your job?

Zairo: The best thing about my job is the team I work with. They are not just my colleagues, but also good friends. What I also like a lot is developing web solutions to integrate and deploy the produced e-learning content. All the challenges we face are stressful, but at the same time we are enthusiastic. The joy of seeing the final product and knowing that it will be used worldwide is very gratifying.

What are the main challenges you face in your day to day work activities?

Zairo: To insure high level of quality in all content produced, integrated and deployed. Another challenge is helping the teams involved change their mindset so that they all understand and share the same approach to quality: “good is not enough when you can do better!”

When looking back at your e-learning developments, what are you the most proud of?

Zairo: The latest e-learning development is for sure the one we’re all most proud of. It is the new Discover Format. We have dedicated many long hours to its development. The results is worth it as we reached a great graphical environment and an outstanding navigation experience (UI & UX).

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Do you have any passion or personal interest that you could tell us about?

Zairo: On a professional level, I'm passionate about training. I have had the opportunity to do this for the past five years and enjoy teaching more every day.
On my own time, I love walking, cycling, travelling and eating good food. 😊

Thank you Zairo for giving us the opportunity to know more about yourself and your job.

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