Meet Nuno Moreira, Head of e-Services at Cegos Group


This new portrait follows the series we started earlier this year. The aim is to present the Cegos delegates who ensure that the Cegos solutions launched on the market remain innovative and reflect the high quality level our partners and customers can expect.

In previous posts, you had the opportunity to meet Zairo Samssudin, Mario Stofenmacher and Christelle Delavaud. Today, we invite you to find out about Nuno Moreira. Nuno is Head of e-Services at Cegos. Based is Lisbon, he has been working for Cegos since 2013.

He kindly agreed to reply to our questions.

Please could you please tell us about your role within the Cegos Group?

I’m the leader of the e-services department at Cegos. My responsibility is to identify the technical business needs, to develop plans and solutions that will meet the requirements and ensure the implementation of the defined strategy.
I manage the technical team, provide daily support and at the same time keep the ongoing operations of all the systems stable. This includes the Learning Management System.
Another area of my role is to manage the business development processes, including the tools available and implement IT solutions for Cegos Group and our customers.

What do you like most about your job?

Working at Cegos is a real pleasure. Mainly because I face many different challenges every day and am involved in various projects. Also, the culture of the company is to continuously innovate allowing to regularly improve the existing offer or launch new solutions.
Furthermore, dealing with different customers in different countries around the world shows me distinct realities and gives me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge.

What are the main challenge you are facing?

The main challenge is to build solutions that can fit the different needs of our customers and partners. The role of my team is to imagine and develop global solutions that will satisfy our clients and at the same time are aligned with the goals of the Cegos Group.

What technical improvements, done on Cegos eLearning modules, are you proudest of?

From the e-services perspective, the online catalogue is a tool that gives all our partners a global view about our Cegos eLearning modules. From the modules' availability overview to the modules' metadata, you can find everything there, including modules demos and the future roadmap (pipeline).
In addition, I can mention the new launchers that help improve the access of our learners located in Asia.

Thank you, Nuno, for telling us about your responsibilities and what makes your day-to-day role so interesting.

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