About us

Patricia Santos

Group Chief Corporate Offer & Solutions


Laure Boudes

Business development manager

Athikom Oubomkul

International Partnerships Developer

Mathieu Cadot

Cegos Corporate Communication

Valérie de Nombel

Cegos International Marketing

Isabelle Lucas

Executive assistant to the Board

Cegos Channels and Alliances Team

Illustration: Cegos Channels and Alliances team

Our commitment

  • We’re proud that we have partners who trust us for many years.
  • They trust us because we give them the e-learning solutions they want, in a way that gets tangible results.
  • Like most big companies, we have corporate values. Ours are based on ‘engagement, agility and innovation’.
  • This means we’ll listen to you. We’ll be flexible. We’ll help you achieve your goals. And we’ll be passionate – about your work, about ours, and about our partnership.
  • We’re as committed to your business as we are to our own – because it’s our business to help you succeed.

Our expertise

  • We’ve been doing this for a long time – since 2007 (design of our first Catalog courses), we’ve helped millions of learners be better.
  • We understand the challenges learners face – and we use our skill and experience to keep them ahead of the game. With talented experts, instructional designers, graphic designers, and developers, plus an in-depth knowledge of the corporate world, we offer e-learning that gets results, fast.
  • Cutting-edge expertise, innovation, and flexibility combined to help learners develop their skills and performance.

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