Transformation, Skills and Learning - European Barometer 2020


The Cegos group recently unveiled its annual barometer on transformations, skills and learning.

4 key findings emerge from this 2020 edition

This year's survey revealed a marked acceleration of four fundamental trends: the strategic dimension of skills development, the digital transformation of training offers, the importance of digital and cross-cutting skills and the growing empowerment of learners

  • Skills development is a strategic driver
    91% of European HR leaders say that their company regards skills development as a strategic driver.
  • Digital transformation of learning is gaining speed
    81% of European HR leaders, companies will be organising more distance learning courses than before the health crisis.
  • The need to consolidate soft and digital skills
    34% of European HR leaders say that soft skills must be reinforced. They are 35% saying so for digital skills.
  • Employees are more engaged and empowered in their training
    90% of employees in Europe say they are prepared to train on their own to adapt to changes in jobs and occupations.

Findings analysed by 4 L&D leaders and Cegos experts

Discover the analysis of Mathilde Bourdat, Training Offer and Expertise Manager, and Christophe Perilhou, Learning & Solutions Director, Cegos Group, on the key findings. They are illustrated by the testimonials of L&D leaders who share their insights on the evolution of skills: Malika Hadj Boaza, Director, Total Learning Solutions; Patrick Benammar, Learning & Development VP, Renault Group; Fabien Lagriffoul, Directord of Training and Professionalisation, EDF Group and Annick Bruyère, Head of Learning and Services-Mail-Parcels Branch University, Groupe La Poste.

Download the white paper.

Download the Transformation, Skills & Learning white paper in French.


For this 2020 European Barometer “Transformation, Skills & Learning”, 1,783 employees and 254 Human Resources / Training leaders all working in private sector businesses with 50 or more employees, were polled in July 2020 in four countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


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