Partner with Cegos and take your customers Beyond Knowledge

Combine your expertise with Cegos, and provide your customers with competitive and innovative digital learning solutions. Whether you are a LMS editor, a portal or a marketplace, or an e-learning local or multinational organization, we will build up a sustainable collaboration and fine tune a partnership that directly drives results.

“We pool our expertise with partners to provide consistently more competitive and innovative e-learning solutions. To distribute our e-learning Catalogue on soft skills, we can rely on a global network of partners. This network puts us in a position to work with blue-chip companies or small-medium size businesses on their domestic markets and with multinationals around the world. This global presence also means that we have the people to support our partners or to adapt our content to cultural differences in each region or to customer’s specific requirements.” Pascal Debordes

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By joining our global network of partners, you will benefit from:

  • A multi-awarded e-learning Catalogue on Soft Skills
  • A content solution distributed by top-players
  • A unique multilingual and multicultural content
  • The most engaging interactive courses
  • A sustainable support from Cegos team

Abdul Rahman Kola, Head of Operations and Sales, New Horizons

Teaming up with CEGOS has proven to be an exciting partnership, The product offerings is the most innovative we have come across. The pedagogy behind CEGOS courses is what leaves our clients surprised and asking for more. The learning challenges in e-learning have certainly been addressed with real life scenarios, high interactivity and multiple language availability to name a few are exactly what our clients look for.
We look forward to continuing an exciting journey CEGOS and together pushing the e-learning to Newer Horizons.

Abdul Rahman Kola

Head of Operations and Sales, New Horizons

Chris Textor, CEO, The Courseware Company

We are very pleased to work with Cegos. Our customers love the real life scenarios in the e-learning as well as the broad range of available languages. As a partner we appreciate the long and broad training background of Cegos plus their development, delivery and translation expertise.

Chris Textor

CEO, The Courseware Company

Carl Rianhard, CEO, Opentec

We at OpenTec Learning have been working with partners for over 15 years, in 2014 we met Cegos, and it was a welcome change! First the product offerings are much better than the competition. But also we have been happy with the service from Cegos, the interest in negotiating with clients, and working with much less burocracy. We look forward to many years of success with Cegos. Thank you very much.

Carl Rianhard

CEO, Opentec

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