Cegos international survey: Transformations, Skills & Learning


78% of employees would be willing to consider a complete career change if it brought greater meaning

This is one of the key findings from the Transformation, Skills & Learning survey, which the Cegos Group unveiled.

This year, 4,005 employees and 377 HR Directors and Managers or Training Directors and Managers were surveyed. They all work in private- and public-sector organisations employing fifty employees or more. The survey was carried out in seven countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy,
Spain, Portugal), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Brazil).

The comprehensive results

Download the detailed results of the Transformations, Skills and Learning international study in pdf format.

Key findings to remember from the 2022 Cegos survey

Skills development is increasingly vital in view of the transformations taking place

  • Digital transformation, new ways of working and cyber security: 3 major transformation challenges
  • According to HR Directors and HR Managers, 20% of jobs in their organisation are at risk of becoming obsolete in the next three years.
  • 37% of the training programmes implemented are upskilling programmes to adapt to changes in the workplace.
  • 91% of employees say they are willing to train themselves.
  • 78% of employees say they would consider a complete career change if it were more meaningful.
  • 84% of HR Directors and HR Managers plan to set up retraining schemes.

“Just in time" training to personalise and diversify the learning journey

  • 55% of HR Directors and HR Managers feel that it is difficult to match their organisation’s skills needs with their training provision.
  • Only 40% of employees consider that their organisation meets their training needs “just in time”.
  • Two priority issues, for HR Directors and HR Managers as well as for employees: the personalisation of training paths and the diversification of training methods.
  • 11% of HR Directors and HR Managers say they do not use learning data.
  • HR Directors and HR Managers monitor two major

Key findings in a short video

Benoit Felix, CEO of the Cegos Group, gives his views on this international survey

"As an international leader in Learning & Development, we train and support individuals and organisations on a daily basis to meet their development challenges. There are many transformations at work and all of them involve major issues related to skills development: climate transition, diversity and inclusion, the future and meaning of work, technological impacts on professions, new management models, etc. Behind all these challenges, the central issue is the employability of individuals and the performance of organisations.

Fortunately, companies are now tackling these issues head-on, sometimes under pressure but often voluntarily. We see this in the support we give them in designing and deploying ambitious programmes for upskilling, professionalisation, and reskilling. As for the employees themselves,
they are showing an unprecedented interest in lifelong learning. All of this has led to a strong upturn in the training market throughout the world over the past year or so.

Among other consequences, the health crisis has had the virtue of proving to us, if proof were needed, that training is a strategic investment for today and for tomorrow."

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