Cegos and e-Aspire signed a distribution partnership agreement in the UK


This new partnership opens the door of e-Aspire customers to Cegos’ e-learning catalogue on Soft Skills. This premium content will be available to e-Aspire customers in the UK through its newly launched national learning platform, Channel2Learning.

e-Aspire, a specialist in e-learning and digital learning content

e-Aspire is a creative multimedia production company. It produces digital media for e-learning, training and corporate communications. Its customers are international organisations in the public and private sectors. With its wealth of knowledge and experience in learning technologies and content production, the e-Aspire team has won awards for its learning content. It has established a solid reputation with its high-quality, innovative, creative and interactive content that entertains, educates and empowers.

Cegos, a worldwide leader in learning & development

The Cegos Group is a worldwide leader in learning & development. It is both a keen observer and a dedicated player in the world of work and business. The Cegos Group deploys a global offering, including turnkey and tailored training and development, operational consultancy, Digital Learning, Managed Training Services, international training projects, and certificate or diploma courses.

Running its own operations in 11 European, Asian and Latin American countries, Cegos is also active in over 50 countries through its network of partners and distributors, which are all leading e-learning solutions providers. Thanks to this network, its Catalogue on Soft Skills has 2.5 million learners per year.

Mike Mulvihill, Managing Director of e-Aspire, explains

“We are privileged to be a partner to Cegos. They will add another dimension to the learning content we can offer our customers, sharing the same vision of helping us to improve digital learning literacy across the UK for our SME customers, using Channel2Learning and the Cegos Soft Skills catalogue to upskill and re-skill their employees.”

Pascal Debordes, Head of Channels and Alliances at Cegos Group adds

“We are particularly proud to start this partnership with e-Aspire. In addition to the quality and variety of content they offer to a wide range of organisations, e-Aspire shares with Cegos a fundamental conviction: the importance of the operational impact of training on the learner. This is now a crucial point to meet the challenge of skills obsolescence and to adapt to the multiple changes in the world of work. The creative experience of e-Aspire teams combined to the premium value of our Soft Skills catalogue is the right answer to address these issues.”

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