2021 results of the Transformations, Skills & Learning international survey


Cegos' latest international survey has been released, providing an analysis of the latest learning trends and appetite for new types of training. For this Transformation, Skills and Learning survey, HR directors and employees have been interviewed in 6 countries across Europe (Germany, France, Italy and Spain), Asia (Singapore) and South America (Brazil).

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This year’s research reflects major shifts in attitudes towards learning. There is also an urgent need to reskill in a world of uncertainty. Three major titles arose from the analysis

1- Professional training has adapted well to the challenges of the health crisis

  • 93% of Human Resources Directors have significantly adapted their training offer since March 2020
  • 52% of employees decided to initiate the training they received (compared to 48% for whom the training was imposed)
  • 50% of HR Directors have implemented online remote learning and 48% chose blended learning

2- Organisations struggle when training their workforce to keep pace with transformation

  • According to HR Directors, 45% of skills used in some jobs could become obsolete within the next three years
  • 45% report increasing difficulties in matching their organisation's skills needs with their training offer
  • 72% consider that proficiency in basic skills is a major HR objective
  • Digital communication, remote collaboration and agility/adaptation are the top three skills that employees should be competent in

3- Employees are keen to upskill in the face of ongoing transformation

  • 64% of employees and 45% of HR Directors consider that skills development is a shared responsibility between the company and its employees
  • 76% of employees would willingly attend a course in their own time
  • For employees and HR alike, the three main drivers for learner engagement are rooting the training in a real work situation, facilitating access to the training content, and making educational resources available at any time on a multi-device basis

Download the digital version of the "Transformation, Skills & Learning" survey

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