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Cegos is an award-winning content provider with a vast range of e-learning options. Our library of more than 100 courses, localized in up to 15 languages, is designed by a team of expert trainers and technical whizz-kids to provide a highly interactive and stimulating experience.

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With twenty years’ experience of e-learning, we have a lot to offer – and a few trophies on our corporate mantelpiece to prove it. We have received the Top 20 Content Development Company accolade from Training Industry for the last eight years and a Brandon Hall Gold Award in 2018.

And with a satisfaction rating of 95%, our learners agree!

Our main areas of expertise

• Management & Leadership • Personal Development • Interpersonal Effectiveness • Project Management • Sales •  Customer Relationship • Time Management •  Communication

Why choose Cegos e-Learning?

Up to 15 languages:
US and UK English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovak, Latam Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese.

25 different Learning activities:
Many solutions on the market use up to a dozen of learning activities to support the end user, whereas Cegos provides 25 different learning activities to boost the practical application of the skills learned.

Real life scenarios:
The level of interactivity offered by the courses in the Cegos catalog is exceptional. Learners are presented with real-life scenarios and play an active role in deciding how to respond to the challenges they are presented with.

Operational focus:
The Cegos e-learning catalog is aimed squarely at businesses. It is organized by the skills that companies need and is aimed at employees who need to update their skills and competencies on the job.

Cegos e-learning courses are adapted to local languages and cultures by local soft skills experts.

User-friendly content:
Cegos designs its courses to be appealing and easy to use. The graphical elements of the courses are designed to reflect the business environment to ensure the e-learning is as relevant and engaging as possible.

Our Top 10 best-selling modules

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Handling stressThe three pillars of interpersonal excellenceKnowing yourself better to communicate betterThree routes to good communicationFocusing on your prioritiesThe 12 guidelines of effective time managementProject Management EssentialsControlling your emotionsManaging your time strategically

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