Infographic - 6 rules for a successful Learning!

Cegos identified 6 major pillars to ensure success in learning and applies them in its pedagogical approach.

Download the infographic here.

1- Don’t stress over mistakes: they help you learn!

Reading a theory in not enough to master it: the brain needs practice and feedback.

2- There is more than one way to deliver a message!

Use a variety of sensory channels to get a clearer idea of the information and manage the quantity.

3- Build your own mental shortcuts!

Construct links and chains help to memorize.

4- Bringing the right information at the right time

Mental overload impedes or blocks learning process.

5- One minute focused is better than five minute of diffuse thinking!

Our brain is less efficient when it does several things at once.

6- Learners enjoy making an effort when it leads to success!

Calibrate the right level of difficulty.

Cegos answers to the 6 rules for a successful Learning

  • 1- Modules all based on simulation exercises or problem solving.
  • 2- Interactive and animated content using multimedia materials.
  • 3- A storyline running through a module and linking content items.
  • 4- Progressive learning/Modules broken down into sequences calibrated to anchor the necessary content.
  • 5- Focusing on the essential/Simple activities to be performed.
  • 6- Practice modules & calibrated levels.

Download infographic

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