​Transformation Skills & Learning – Cegos 2019 survey

30th January 2020

The Cegos Group unveiled the results of its “Transformation, skills and learning” international survey. This 2019 survey polled 1,780 employees and 240 HR & learning managers, all working in private sector companies with 50+ employees in four countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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Key findings at a glance

What are the major challenges of business transformation? What HR impacts do they have?

  • One in three employees feel “overwhelmed” by technology
  • European HR managers estimate that 42% of jobs are at risk of skills obsolescence over the next three years

How can training meet these challenges? With which stakeholders?

  • For one out of two European HR managers, the main challenge in the coming years is to combine training and transformation
  • According to 76% of HR managers, Business Departments are increasingly involved in team skills development actions
  • 95% of employees in Europe say they are ready to train themselves to adapt to digital transformations

What are the strategic skills for the future?

  • For HR managers, agility and adaptation, efficient work organisation and learning to learn are the three skills that employees in their company should master first

How to develop skills now and in the future?

  • For 73% of European employees, the training solutions offered by their company are “relevant” and “effective”

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