​Top 3 courses to grow your leadership skills

14th March 2019


Our “Basic Leadership Skills” bundle includes our Top 3 e-Learning titles focused on helping new managers build team relationships and team motivation.

Infographic - Top 3 e-Learning courses on Basic leadership skills

This bundle includes the following titles:

Fostering and maintaining motivation

MH142 | 15 minutes

Objectives: Focusing individual and collective energy for better performance

Program: Understanding how motivation works • Using the right motivational levers • Delegating and motivating

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The relational skills of the manager

2 parts: MH144-A and MH144-B | 2×15 minutes

Objectives: Acquiring the basic managerial communication skills required to handle face-to-face and group situations more effectively

Program: Choose the right communication tools • Lead a meeting • Conduct an individual interview: methodology and behavior • Manage delicate interpersonal situations

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Being persuasive in management situations

2 parts: MH154-A and MH154-B | 2×15 minutes

Objectives: Identifying negotiating situations, preparing for your negotiations and making sure you deliver a win-win outcome

Program: Clarifying the concept of the win-win relationship • Preparing for your negotiations • Concluding win-win agreements with your coworkers

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