The skills of the future that will be needed


Technology is rapidly changing the way we work. For years, people have focused on developing the technical skills that help them acquire the right know-how. But as artificial intelligence makes many technical jobs obsolete, there is an urgency to shift to other types of work that require the human touch.

If you’re curious to know more about soft skills and how they can benefit you and your organisation, download our free booklet on the ‘Future of Soft Skills’.


Soft skills – the skills that make us powerful, adaptable and creative – will only increase in demand. And the future success of your organisations will depend on your people’s ability to lead, to engage and to work productively.

Study after study shows this to be true. Yet modern organisations struggle to recruit employees with the soft skills they urgently need.

In our ‘Future of Soft Skills’ report, you can find out:

  • The most important soft skills we need to be future-ready
  • How soft skills will significantly boost your organisation’s competitiveness
  • Why soft skills help you retain valuable talent
  • How to help your people acquire and build soft skills quickly


On top of all this, you will learn about the new Cegos initiative, designed to help people across the globe master soft skills in a convenient and cost-effective way.