Discover MyStory a new series of training videos


MyStory is an innovative series of videos developped by Cegos. It recreates the experience of a novice manager, Clara, as she navigates the trials and tribulations of meeting her new team and encourages them to adapt to her way of doing things.

The concept is that people who are new to management can watch someone going through a similar experience and learn from their successes and failures. They also get a chance to analyse Clara’s performance, then compare their observations with that of our expert’s. It’s an immersive experience but engaged from the safety of the learner’s own space.

Each self-contained video highlights a specific challenge any new manager might face. For instance, when Clara meets a new team member for the first time, we see how she gets him to warm to her. But the mood changes when Clara tries to impose a new system of working and criticises her predecessor.

Trainee managers should easily identify with each of Clara’s predicaments and want to know what happens next. The videos are short, dynamic with its fly-on-the wall observations. Think of it as Netflix for management training!

Find out more in this teaser video

New modules for a new era

Cegos has long been known as an innovator in the online learning space, and we continually adapt our training programmes to fit with the needs of modern society.

The MyStory concept is the latest initiative that forms part of a series of online training modules we have developed recently. Each type of module is bite-sized to help busy professionals engage in effective learning on-the-go, in an environment that suits them.

  • Classic modules
    In 15 minutes classic courses are the basis of a solid e-learning program. Each course provides an engaging, interactive learning experience on a key business skill set.
  • Focus modules
    Video-based learning – on average 10 minutes’ duration – featuring real-life interactive scenarios of common situations learners are likely to encounter in the workplace. Focus modules are designed to help make learning stick through practice.
  • Intensive modules
    7 minutes short intensive mobile modules. They allow learners to practice new skills based on various situations. These modules are an ideal way to provide reinforcement at the moment.

If you would like to know more about our MyStory videos contact us today for a free demonstration.