Gold medals recognising leadership and blended learning excellence


The Cegos Group and two of its major customers won gold medals at the 2023 Brandon Hall Awards. These international awards recognised the excellence of outstanding projects carried out in collaboration with EDF and Exide.

EDF and Cegos France won "Best use of blended learning" for the Project Managers Pass 1 & 2 programmes.

These are two training programmes designed to develop the business, cross-functional and leadership skills of EDF project managers around the world. Based on a dynamic and engaging blended learning approach, the programmes combine synchronous and asynchronous activities, with face-to-face and digital training. Watch the video testimony of Jérôme Durand, Project Manager of the EDF Corporate University.

Find out more about the project in this testimonial from Jérôme Durand, Project Manager of the EDF Corporate University.

EXIDE and Cegos Spain won "Best Development Program for Frontline Leaders" for the leadership and cultural transformation programme.

This training not only supports the development of skills, soft skills and empowerment of front line leaders, but also the change in managerial culture within Exide to boost productivity and employee engagement in 9 plants across Europe.

Discover the details and key factors of the project in this testimonial from Ana Solana, Senior Director HR, Talent & Compensation Group at Exide.

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