​Cegos launches a new e-Learning format: Intensive Modules

21st November 2018


New Intensive Modules are designed to help learners refresh a previously-learned skill. Learners can practice new skills based on various situations. Short, mobile modules are an ideal way to provide reinforcement in the flow of work.

Cegos' Intensive Modules: screenshot

Our designers have put the emphasis on 3 critical features for learners:

  1. The pace and interaction: our catchy and dynamic Intensive Modules keep the learner engaged  with a rhythmic pace,
  2. The duration: these modules are short (7 to 10’ on average) – but very effective and to-the-point, to cope with today’s learners’ shorter attention spans,
  3. The design: specifically suited for smartphones because learners increasingly use their smartphones to train.

Cegos' Intensive Modules: screenshot

About 15 titles are already available in English and in French in the key business skills subject areas: Management & Leadership, Personal Development, and Sales. Contact us to learn more and get an Intensive Module demo.

Cegos' Intensive Modules: screenshots

Intensive Modules complement the Cegos range of e-Learning formats: Classic Modules and Focus Modules.

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