​Brave new ways of working

8th January 2018


Leading a workforce fit to win.

Business, HR and learning professionals in Asia Pacific joined Cegos on 23rd March 2018 in Singapore for a day of inspiration, insights and networking.

In this highly-connected world, people are being challenged to find inventive, more efficient ways to work.

Brave new thinking is disrupting old business models, as more professionals work remotely and collaborate with their colleagues anywhere, anytime, using a range of devices and software. In every industry, innovation is driving rapid change and empowering your diverse, multidimensional workforce like never before.

With all this in mind, how can you transform your company to take advantage of these brave new ways of working? What technology and working practices do you need to adopt now to stay ahead?


Video summary of the event

Other resources

Get the “Brave new ways of working” research paper, the recording of the pre-event webinar on “The secrets of true productivity”, the key takeaways gathered in a blog series and more on the Cegos APAC website


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