Since 2010, Cegos and Humentum have partnered...

In 2010, Cegos partnered with LINGOs, now Humentum, to offer high-quality training resources to individuals and organizations working in the development and social sectors.

Humentum is a global non-profit organization that strengthens humanitarian and development organizations and advocates for data-driven policies and standards to benefit the entire sector. Humentum works directly with organizations by building community through our online networking platform and events; advancing individual and organizational capability through online training and content; and providing solutions to organization-wide problems through our consultancy service. In these ways, Humentum partners with the global development community to be an equitable, accountable, resilient force for social good.

With over 80 years of experience, Cegos is a leading provider of multilingual training and development, reaching approximately 250,000 people in 50 countries each year. By partnering with Humentum, Cegos can share its training resources with an ever-broader global audience. Throughout the years, the partnership has continued to grow in depth and reach, demonstrating Cegos’ founding values of commitment, agility, and sharing.

Commitment: Empowering NGO staff on a Global Scale

Through the partnership, Cegos provides Humentum members with access to over 150 courses at a greatly reduced cost. The multilingual curricula in subjects as varied as management and leadership, sales and marketing, and individual and collective effectiveness, have enabled thousands of development and humanitarian workers around the world to do their work more effectively.

“Thanks to our partnership with Cegos, thousands of learners around the globe have access to world- class eLearning in multiple languages that they might otherwise have access to. This, in turn, improves the effectiveness of our member organizations. Their contribution is making a difference, and Humentum Learning Services - and all member organizations- appreciate their support,” says Gus Curran, Manager of Humentum Learning Services.

Agility: Adaptation for Impact

Above and beyond its provision of wide-ranging, multilingual learning to Humentum members, Cegos has also played a vital role in helping Humentum provide skills training for the entire NGO community.

Today, Humentum offers over a hundred free courses in five languages, enabling the field staff of any NGO, including local partners, to quickly gain a common language and training in subjects as vital as project management, organizational development, and financial planning.

Sharing: Creating a Learning Community

Thanks to the generous support of volunteers and partners like Cegos, Humentum is an ever-growing community of members and learners. “When Cegos donated course materials for us to share freely, a group of volunteers came together to tailor and translate the courses for a development context,” says Ross Coxon, Humentum’s Director of Organizational Learning Solutions. “Cegos’ donation was one of the catalysts for collaboration within the community.”

Drawing on a shared pool of accessible, relevant courseware, development professionals are learning wherever they are in the world, enabling them to reach their potential within their roles and increase their impact for communities they serve. NGO staff can access free courses based on Cegos’ donated content in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Arabic at

Why work with Cegos?
  • We are truly global – with 50 offices around the world

  • We have more than 90 years’ training experience

  • Our consultants are all highly regarded specialists