Cegos and DisasterReady.org have formed a unique partnership…

Empowering Humanitarian Aid Workers with Soft Skill Curriculum

Cegos and DisasterReady.org have formed a unique partnership to empower humanitarian aid workers across the globe with a one-of-a-kind soft skills development curriculum. Academics and aid experts agree that, while logistical skills are critical for the relief worker and humanitarian aid worker alike, an equal if not greater focus must be placed on developing their “soft skills” – namely the nontechnical skills needed to effectively manage problems and work with others in high-stress situations.  Thanks to the generous support of Cegos, DisasterReady.org is able to make a collection of soft-skill courses available to humanitarian aid workers at no cost.

DisasterReady.org, a signature program of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, is a collaborative nonprofit effort informed by an advisory committee of prominent aid agencies including Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, Project HOPE, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Mercy Corps, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), World Vision, Oxfam America, and others.

Created in 1926, Cegos is one of the world leaders in professional development. Its 3,000 consultants’ and 1,000 employees’ expertise is applied to 1,000 courses that cover all areas (46 existing thematics) in the professional sphere and in the development of skills for business success.

Why Humanitarian Aid Workers Need Soft Skills

A number of studies over the past ten years focused on identifying best practices for training aid workers have found that soft skills, often left out of training programs, are critical to implementing logistical assistance. The typical focus of training has been on developing functional knowledge, or “hard skills” – legal process, transportation and communications logistics, shelter and food preparation, etc. The success, however, of transmitting that knowledge effectively in high-stress situations in unfamiliar cultures is directly tied to workers’ soft skills capacity, or their ability to relate the hard skills to the situation itself in a humanitarian way. As Atish Gonsalves, Director of DisasterReady.org explains, “From the start, our advisory committee has placed a high priority on including training in people and project management.  We can’t be more thrilled to have a partner like Cegos enabling us to offer high-quality eLearning courses in this area to our community of more than 45,000 humanitarians.”

Generally, soft skills can be defined as the cognitive, social and personal resource skills that complement technical skills and facilitate task performance. Good communication, leadership, teamwork, decision-making and situation awareness are all part of that base.

Incorporating Soft Skills into eLearning on DisasterReady.org

The importance of soft skills is recognized as critical to success in the business world.  60% of managers claim that soft skills are more important than hard skills in getting a job done and are more sought after in employees. Hence, training and resources for developing these skills in employee populations within business cultures have been honed over decades. Cegos, which works with 250,000 people in 50 countries with eLearning courses, is one of the leading providers of training in this area.  Pascal Debordes, Director of Channels & Alliances at Cegos commented, “We are honored that our business training programs are part of this critical initiative and are playing a small but important part in improving the operational effectiveness of humanitarian missions around the world.”
Specifically, Cegos and DisasterReady.org have combined to offer more than 40 training resources on the Soft Skills page of DisasterReady.org including:

  • Leadership Skills: 5 Levers for Producing Great Leaders; The Role of Ethics and Integrity in Assessment.
  • Communication Skills: Successfully Adapt your Message.
  • People Management: Making Success of Your First Management; Project Management Essentials.
  • Project Management: Dealing with Time-consuming Tasks; Focusing on Your Key Priorities.
  • Interpersonal Communication: The Relational Skills of the Manager.

A New Model for Soft Skill Training Directed to Humanitarian Workers

The most powerful aspect of the partnership is the blending of proven soft skill business content together with proven humanitarian content via videos, case studies, and live webinars. For example, the Essential Skills for New Managers curriculum, derived from Cegos professional development courses including Becoming a Manager Coach, includes commentary from I humanitarian champion John Fawcett on how to effectively apply managerial concepts in a remote relief effort. Through a short interview on the experience of managing a relief project and a longer webinar on cross-cultural team building in emergency settings, Fawcett provides a real-world perspective to put the soft skill concept into practice.

This combination of Cegos’ eLearning courses with recorded webinars from experts in the humanitarian sector has been very well received by DisasterReady learners.  As Christine Amy, Sr. Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) described, “These new soft skills courses have advanced our training to the next level. DisasterReady has done it again – identified exactly how to transfer key concepts in the most effective way possible to our relief workers.”

How to Get Started with Free Soft Skill Courses

Managers, trainers, organizational leaders, and on the ground aid workers alike can access all of these professional development courses for free immediately just by registering on DisasterReady.org. Courses are available in English, French, and Spanish, and only a computer, an internet connection, and 30-45 minutes are needed to develop a new skill today.

Oussama Esmili, Managing Director, IDEO Factory

IDEO Factory and CEGOS have supported dozens of companies and public administrations in Morocco and Algeria in the training of their employees through Digital Learning solutions. IDEO Factory is the oldest distributor of Cegos Group e-learning solutions in the world. This partnership, which began in 2008, has enabled thousands of employees of major companies to be trained through high-impact digital solutions, including Royal Air Maroc, Poste Maroc, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Maghreb Arab Press, the Ministry of Agriculture, etc. Today, we are very proud to celebrate our 10 years of alliance.

Oussama Esmili

Managing Director, IDEO Factory

Oussama Esmili, Directeur Général, IDEO Factory

IDEO Factory et CEGOS ont accompagné des dizaines d’entreprises et d’administrations publiques au Maroc et en Algérie dans la formation de leurs collaborateurs via des solutions de Digital Learning. IDEO Factory est le plus ancien distributeur des solutions e-learning du groupe Cegos dans le monde. Ce partenariat entamé en 2008 a permis de former, via des solutions digitales à fort impact, des milliers de collaborateurs d’entreprises de grande envergure parmi lesquelles figurent notamment : Royal Air Maroc, Poste Maroc, le Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances, Maghreb Arab Press, le Ministère de l’Agriculture, etc. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes très fiers de fêter nos 10 ans d’alliance.

Oussama Esmili

Directeur Général, IDEO Factory

Spencer Thornton, VP of Curation, OpenSesame, Inc.

Since partnering back in 2012, Cegos has had a strong focus on global innovation. Our partnership has helped grow our business and deliver a fantastic customer experience. Together we are helping our customers build the most productive and admired workforces.

Spencer Thornton

VP of Curation, OpenSesame, Inc.

Luiz Comar, Executive Director, SOU

Temos orgulho em compartilhar o desenvolvimento de nossos clientes com a CEGOS.
Com esta parceria, temos a qualidade e a velocidade demandadas pelos nossos clientes, com um conteúdo orientado aos negócios.
Fundamental para a capacitação e requalificação de nossos clientes.
A pedagogia, a interatividade e todas as atividades de aprendizagem fornecem o que o mercado está procurando.
E ainda, como efeito colateral, também aprendemos muito com a equipe da CEGOS !!!
Esperamos continuar e expandir nossa parceria com a CEGOS.

Luiz Comar

Executive Director, SOU

Luiz Comar, Executive Director, SOU

We are proud to share the development of our clients with CEGOS.
Through this partnership, we have the quality and speed needed to provide qualified business content. Fundamental for the skilling and reskilling of our clients. The pedagogy, the interactivity, and all the learning activities meet the market's needs.
And as a side effect, we also learn a lot with the CEGOS team!!!
We look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership with CEGOS.

Luiz Comar

Executive Director, SOU

Juan José Gaitán, Director General-CEO, Educativa

Ser partner de Cegos ha significado para Educativa España un gran desafío y, al mismo tiempo, una gran oportunidad. Nos llena de orgullo que siendo una pequeña compañía, confiaran en nosotros para ofrecer sus cursos a nuestros clientes de plataformas e-learning.
Siempre nos hemos esmerado por estar a la vanguardia tecnológica, y por ello nos sentimos identificados con la propuesta de Cegos; porque nos permite diferenciarnos de todo lo que se encuentra en el mercado, con características que nuestros clientes valoran significativamente: conocimiento valioso para necesidades concretas, y para clientes que los aplican a situaciones reales.
Los nuevos formatos, adaptados a la demanda del mercado y al estado de las tecnologías, aumentan la percepción de calidad y refuerzan el prestigio internacional de Cegos, lo que sumado al acompañamiento y soporte permanente que nos brindan como partners, nos facilita el camino hacia los objetivos que nos hemos propuesto.

Juan José Gaitán

Director General-CEO, Educativa

Yves Leheurteux, Sales Executive Content Services, Cornerstone OnDemand

Cegos content has one of the best levels of localization in the market, with 15 languages.
When our international clients need a specific language, Cegos has the answer!
Moreover, they are constantly innovating, not only with new titles and languages but also with new formats. We are proud to be partners with Cegos and happy to work closely with their teams!

Yves Leheurteux

Sales Executive Content Services, Cornerstone OnDemand

Abdul Rahman Kola, Head of Operations and Sales, New Horizons

Teaming up with CEGOS has proven to be an exciting partnership, The product offerings is the most innovative we have come across. The pedagogy behind CEGOS courses is what leaves our clients surprised and asking for more. The learning challenges in e-learning have certainly been addressed with real life scenarios, high interactivity and multiple language availability to name a few are exactly what our clients look for.
We look forward to continuing an exciting journey CEGOS and together pushing the e-learning to Newer Horizons.

Abdul Rahman Kola

Head of Operations and Sales, New Horizons

Chris Textor, CEO, The Courseware Company

We are very pleased to work with Cegos. Our customers love the real life scenarios in the e-learning as well as the broad range of available languages. As a partner we appreciate the long and broad training background of Cegos plus their development, delivery and translation expertise.

Chris Textor

CEO, The Courseware Company

Carl Rianhard, CEO, Opentec

We at OpenTec Learning have been working with partners for over 15 years, in 2014 we met Cegos, and it was a welcome change! First the product offerings are much better than the competition. But also we have been happy with the service from Cegos, the interest in negotiating with clients, and working with much less burocracy. We look forward to many years of success with Cegos. Thank you very much.

Carl Rianhard

CEO, Opentec

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